Studio 2

Control Room: 23′x14′x10′
Performance Area: 31′x24′x15′
Iso Room #1: 15′x10′x8.5′
Iso Room #2: 14′x7.5′x8′
Iso Room #3: 6.5′x5.5′x5′


Studio 2 sports a 48 x 48 x 16 Class-A Discrete Fred Hill Modified Neve 8088 Console with Flying Faders Automation.

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Special Features

The much-admired sound of Studio 2 is in part due to the highly specialized gear inside.

Equipment Overview

See the complete list of gear available in Studio 2.

Legendary Recordings

From Led Zeppelin to Van Halen, Studio 2 captured some of the finest music in Rock history.