ProTools Suite

Dimensions : 13’x 13’x 9′


The ProTools™ Suite at Sunset Sound is available as an adjunct to any of the three main studios or as a standalone production room, our ProTools Suite offers a HD system, a Mackie 24×8 analog console, Yamaha NS-10 monitors, an Alesis Masterlink, a DAT recorder, CD player, large leather sofa, telephone, custom lighting, and an adjacent lobby with coffee bar.
George Augspurger of Perception, Inc. devised the acoustical design of the room.


The Suite can link to any of the control rooms or lounges via our networked Ethernet server and files can be exchanged between desktops using AppleTalk or other software.

Suite can also be linked to an adjacent acoustically treated overdub room with direct visual contact that measures 12’x 13’x 9′.


Guest engineers may also provide their own equipment, including a personal ProTools system, all of which can be integrated into the Suite.


Contact us for rates and availability at
(323) 469-1186.