Multimedia Experience

Multimedia Experience

Sunset Sound is bringing production in-house, offering state of the art video recording to match the high standard of their music and audio recording. Sunset Sound now offers full video services to their clients, including cinema camera packages, multi-camera recording, studio lighting, post-production, and even live stream/pre-recorded stream capabilities for launch on our platform ViewStub.
Sunset Sound offers affordable packages to our clients, while maintaining a high standard for production. Minimal crew footprint while in house is a must have, as Sunset Sound maintains a small-team operation. 
Pairing high fidelity music recording sessions with high-end video production services, Sunset Sound is able to provide a unique chance for artists to let their audiences in to view live performances from the comfort of home, and give musical artists the opportunity to document and promote their recording session in such an iconic location; turning Sunset Sound into a concert venue and a full in-house production studio.   Maybe a band or artist just wants a camera tracking them in the studio and documenting their process of making music.  We have packages starting at $700

Production Packages

THE BASELINE – 1 Personnel – 2 Camera’s  $700
  • Provides a single camera operator with 2 Black Magic camera’s.
  •  Camera would come with a gimbal system, lensing options, and any necessary filters.
  • Also a complete lighting package with LED Panels, RGB’s and Aputure Dome Light
THE NEXT STEP UP – 2 Personnel – 3 Cameras $1200
  • Provides two camera operators, each with a Black Magic 6k. 
  • Camera would come with a gimbal/dolly system, lensing options, and any necessary filters.
  • Provides complete lighting package
THE PRODUCTION – 3 Personnel – 4 Cameras.  Email for rates
  • Provides a DP with an AC, and 2 solo camera operators, each with a RED Gemini or equivalent. 
  • Camera would come with a gimbal/dolly system, lensing options, and any necessary filters.
  • Provides Lighting. Gaffer with a concert lighting package
  • Also if needed an Audio/Boom Op to capture studio dialogue through out the session.
  • Includes pre-light and camera setup on the day prior to shoot.
  • Provides a Lighting Director with a full custom lighting package, who will work directly with the band to create a unique look, that will    update as the performance occurs.
  • Provides a Director who will call the shots, and direct the shoot, as well as perform interviews with the band members.

 Please email us with any questions or budgetary concerns –



Sunset Sound does charge an origination fee for any outside cameras that want to film at the studio or use our name and/or logo.