Our new website reflects the changes that have occurred within our company over the past year.  As you will notice, The Sound Factory is no longer featured as a member of our family.  We sold the facility to another party effective April 2017 and have repatriated much of its resources into the Sunset Sound mothership, including its Chief Technical Engineer, Wren Rider.  We now boast an even more impressive collection of vintage microphones and analog outboard gear for our 3 studios here.  Check out our mic and equipment lists available under our studios page on this site for details.

We have retained a Studer 827 24-track and a couple Ampex ATR-100 2-tracks (along with Dolby SR) for our diehard analog customers.  But along with everyone else, we are migrating more and more to the digital audio domain, as that is the majority of clients’ preference these days.

Special Note: Though we are a 24/7 operation regarding sessions, we are a commercial recording studio with professional policies and set front office hours.  Therefore:

(1) We do not accept same day bookings.  (2) Calls, texts, and emails received on Saturday/Sunday regarding rates and booking inquiries will likely not receive a response until 9:00 AM the following Monday morning.  Please make all such inquiries from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday.

Feel free to browse the new website for additions and updates regarding our studios.  In the coming months, this page will serve to inform you of noteworthy items of interest relating to our operations.  We might even throw in some photos to spice things up J!

Until then, no news is good news!

Our new show is up on YouTube! Sunset Sound: Into The Vault  https://youtu.be/xsbRJNF_ftg