Sunset Sound S1P 500


Packed with the best parts of history and components, the Sunset Sound “TUTTI” 500 Series Mic Preamp has a little Bambi, Mary Poppins, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Sheryl Crow, Beck and many more. 

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Named after the legendary Tutti Camaratta, instroducing the Sunset Sound S1P 500 Series Discrete dual 990 op-amp design, born from the famous Sunset Sound custom designed mic preamps.

  • Same Design used in the Sunset Consoles
  • Dual 990 op-amps
  • Nickel Transformers, Input and Output
  • Greater than 60 dB of Gain
  • 10Hz to 60KHz FLAT
  • Distortion less than .02%
  • Clips at +28 dBu
  • Signal/Overload Indicator
  • Selectable Input Gain, 10dB steps
  • Output Fader Control
  • Front and Rear XLR MIC Input
  • Hi-Z/INST Front Panel Input


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